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Raise the bar.

Software delivery, operational performance, product design and user
experience services, crafted for tomorrow’s leaders.

Containerisation   •   Automation   •   Linux   •   Design

We are, UK based, technology experts in Cloud Containers,
Automation, Linux, Design and Development.

Established in 2014, iCOM Solutions has been offering technology solutions and infrastructure consulting for businesses, small or multinational.

With a deep-rooted understanding and appreciation for process optimisation, automation and knack for pre-empting problems you may face in the future, discover what being truly ready means.

We operate primarily out of UK and offer speciality product and development services from India.


Technology and bespoke workshops are ideal to understanding all the technology options. We Involve vendors where necessary, involve all stakeholders and decide with full knowledge and support


Successfully implementing new technology services for testing or in production with minimum risk. Planning and learning from previous experiences, for you and with you.


Bespoke and structured courses designed to develop competencies in managing new technology. Including new processes for Operations, developers and system administrators and new efficiency tools.

Mentoring and Support

Technical and process expertise is necessary to support the IT operations up to the point of confidence in managing new services.


Whether you are new to Container technology or need support to overcome technical hurdles, our skilled experts are available to help.


iCOM have been supporting customers with Linux professional services and technical support for over 15 years.

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Product Design & Development

A team of 10+, with in-depth experience in product design, designing hooks, UI, UX Research & Design, and Development.

iCom Hypercare

Red Hat Learning

Begin your journey with Red Hat partners, iCOM Solutions in a 6 Day course that helps you transition to Containers and Automation.

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